Carmen Lages



Associate Professor of Marketing at Nova School of Business and Economics.


Professional Contact:



Carmen Lages


Nova School of Business and Economics

Palacete Henrique Mendonça

Rua Marquês da Fronteira, n.º 20, 1099 - 038 Lisboa, Portugal


(00-351)- 21 380 16 00 or 21 382 27 06


(00-351)- 21 387 39 73




Academic Qualifications:


1996– 2001


PhD in Industrial and Business Studies (Marketing and Corporate Communications)

Marketing & Strategic Management Group, Warwick Business School,
Warwick University, England.



Master of Arts in Marketing Communications,

Bournemouth University, England.



BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) in Public Relations,

ISMAI - Instituto Superior da Maia, Portugal.


Past Positions:



Assistant Professor of Marketing (Professora Auxiliar de Marketing) at ISCTE Business SchoolInstituto Universitário de Lisboa


1996 – 1997


Lecturer of Marketing at ISMAI (Instituto Superior da Maia).


Specialization area:


Marketing and Corporate Communications.


Current Research interests:


Relationship Marketing

RM Metrics

B2B relationships in the internationalization context

Dynamic Capabilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Scientific Publications:


Papers in International Refereed Journals


·    Lisboa, Ana, Skarmeas, Dionysis e Lages, Carmen (2013), “Export market exploitation and exploration and performance: Linear, moderated, complementary and non-linear effects.” International Marketing Review, 30 (3), 211-230.


·    Silveira, Catherine, Carmen Lages and Cláudia Simões (2013), Reconceptualising Brand Identity in a Dynamic Environment.Journal of Business Research, 66 (1), 28-36.


·    Lisboa, Ana, Skarmeas Dionysis, Carmen Lages (2011), Entrepreneurial Orientation, Exploitative and Explorative Capabilities, and Performance Outcomes in Export Markets: a Resource-based Approach. Industrial Marketing Management, 40 (8), 1274-1284.


·    Lisboa, Ana, Skarmeas, Dionysis and Carmen Lages (2011), Innovative Capabilities: their Drivers and Effects on Current and Future Performance.Journal of Business Research, 64 (11), 1157-1161.


·    Hortinha, Paula, Carmen Lages and Luis Filipe Lages (2011), The Trade-Off Between Customer and Technology Orientations: Impact on Innovation Capabilities and Export Performance.Journal of International Marketing, 19 (3), 36-58.


·    Lages, Luis Filipe, Andrew Lancastre & Carmen Lages (2008), "The B2B-RELPERF scale and scorecard: Bringing relationship marketing theory into business-to-business practice." Industrial Marketing Management, 37 (6), 686-697.


·    Lages, Luis Filipe; Carmen Lages and Cristiana Raquel Lages (2006) "Main Consequences of Prior Export Performance Results: an Exploratory Study of European Exporters" Journal of Euromarketing, 15(4), 57-75.


·    Lages, Luis Filipe; Carmen Lages and Cristiana Raquel Lages (2005) "Bringing Export Performance Metrics into Annual Reports: The APEV Scale and the PERFEX Scorecard" Journal of International Marketing, 13(3), 79-104.


·    Lages, Carmen, Cristiana Raquel Lages and Luis Filipe Lages (2005) "The RELQUAL Scale: A Measure of Relationship Quality in Export Market Ventures." Journal of Business Research, 58(8), 1040-48


·    Lages, Carmen and Luis Filipe Lages (2005) "Antecedents of Managerial Public Relations: A Structural Model Examination." European Journal of Marketing, 39(1/2), 110-128.


·    Lages, Luis Filipe, Carmen Lages and Cristiana Raquel Lages (2005), "European Managers' Perspective on Export Performance Determinants", Journal of Euromarketing, 15(2), 75-92.


·   Lages, Carmen and Lyndon Simkin (2003) "The Dynamics of Public Relations: Key Constructs and the Drive for Professionalism." European Journal of Marketing, 37(1/2), 298-328.



Refereed Book Chapter

·    Silva, Carla, José Luis Abrantes & Carmen Lages (2009). Push Motivations for Tourism Mountain Destinations, In Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Destinations, Fyall, Alan; Metin Kozak; Luisa Andrew; Juergen Gnoth & Sonja Sibila (Eds). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.


Coordination and Participation in Research Projects with Funding:


P1_ Inter-Institutional project financed by  FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Portuguese Government Financing Body)  (PTDC/GES/70167/2006).

Project coordinator for ISCTE-IUL. The project involved three institutions: FE-UNL as proponent institution, IADE - Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing and  ISCTE-IUL as participant institutions. It was titled "Determinants and Consequences of B2B Relationships” and finished on the 30th June 2011. Responsible for the relationship marketing area.


P2_Project financed by FCT (PTDC/EGE-GES/109925/2009).

Participant member of the team. Responsible for the social responsibility area. The project is titled “Organizational Abuse and Ethical Behavior in the Working Place” and will be finished at 31th December 2013. The proponent institution is FE-UNL.






Post-doctoral scholarship,

From FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia for a joint research project with Professor Sriramesh, from the University of Florida, Gainesville.


1997 - 2001:

Doctoral scholarship,

From FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (European Union/ Portuguese government scholarship).


1996 - 1997:

Doctoral scholarship




Sabbatical Leave at MIT

2009-2010 (2nd semester)

Sabbatical from January to July 2010 at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Deshpande Centre for Innovation, Cambridge, USA, as a Visiting Scholar.

During this period I was working on different papers. I also took the “I-teams” (Innovation Teams) course, at Sloan School of Management, about how to transfer innovative ideas into the market. Simultaneously, as a guest, I attended the S-Lab teams (Sustainability teams) course, taught by Professors John Sterman and Richard Locke.