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Recent Work                                                                                                                Blog: The Portuguese Economy

The number of bank relationships and borrowing costs: The role of information asymmetries, In Journal of Empirical Finance, 2017

The stabilization function of fiscal policy in Portugal (preliminary, chapter book) (may 2017)

Internal and External rebalancing for Euro area members (October 2016)

Early Warning System models and Exchange Market Pressure, the case of Angola, August 2015

Fiscal Devaluation in Portugal     Codes & Data (Stata)

(older paper 2010, 2 countries model-cross country empirical analysis)

Competitive Disinflation in Portugal.  In "A economia poruguesa na união europeia: 1986:2010" May  2014

Deleveraging through fiscal consolidation. In FERREIRA, Eduardo Paz (coord.). A Austeridade cura? A Austeridade mata?. Lisboa: AAFDL, November 2013. p461 to 488.

Recent Presentations


How to promote growth and employment in the European context (PCS April 2014)


Economic Consequences of  T-TIP a macroeconomic perspective  (EC March 2015)

Portugal and T-TIP a macroeconomic perspective  (IDN June 2014)


Une vision macroéconomique du Portugal (In French December 2015)


Courses Spring 2019                                                                                               

Macroeconomic Theory II (Phd)
Empirical Macroeconomics (Master)
Macroeconomic Theory  (Master)




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External Blogs(Journals)

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